• Artsmart fees are billed at an hourly rate. Fees are never based on the value of the item. 
  • ​Fees and estimates are provided in conjunction with a written agreement.
  • All reports conform to USPAP standards written on the basis of American Society of Appraisers guidelines at no additional cost. 
  • ARTsmart reports have been used for IRS, insurance, donation, estate and other purposes. The appraisal is a formal document  written for a specific purpose. It includes data, comps, maker/artist information, provenance, and condition reports. It also contains a record of the appraisers credentials. Receipts, certificates of "authenticity" and online "appraisals" written by non-qualified appraisers cannot be used for these purposes. 

ARTSmart New England

Qualifications and Experience

   The principal of ARTsmart, Jill Harrison is a qualified appraiser who graduated from the appraisal studies program at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in 2005. She maintains a current USPAP certification and her reports are written conforming to American Society of Appraiser standards.  She speaks French and Italian fluently and has knowledge of other languages which she uses daily in her research. She has taken more than 40 courses in fine & decorative arts. She would be happy to share her experience in your specific collecting category. 

​   She has worked for the Peabody Essex Museum and has experience working with fine art and antiques of many types including: fine art, sculpture, silver, furniture, rugs, porcelain and glass. 

   Her clients include private individuals, banks, government entities, attorneys, insurance companies and others. From clients with a single object to a client who had more than 10,000 objects, Jill has appraised collections large and small. From planners looking at their insurance and estate needs to those selling an entire collection, Jill has likely worked with a client with a client just like you. 

   In addition to her professional work, Jill has been a Girl Scout leader and has donated to local and regional charities including the Boston Medical Center, Save Venice, and other philanthropic groups. 

ARTSmart New England

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