ARTSmart ​​Provides Appraisals for 

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  • Estates, Equitable Division, Donation, IRS
  • Resale, Opinions of Value, Consultations, Pre-sales

Experience and Competency

​   There is no substitute for experience. Our experienced appraiser, Jill Harrison works fast which can cost you less in the long run. She can give you an examples of  appraised items which are similar to your own. She has excellent resources for research, and good data and observational skills. She also has a large network of professionals to provide you with the best results. She has written more than 3,000 appraisals for every purpose. She has appraised more than 10,000 various artists in every artistic medium. She also has extensive experience appraising furniture, silver, rugs, glass, porcelain and other objects. 

    A fully vetted appraiser for insurance purposes should hold a degree in appraisal studies, have at least ten years of experience and will also have some museum or auction experience. You should expect them to be able to BOTH value the item and understand its artistic merit. Jill obtained a certificate in Appraisal and Antiques from the Rhode Island School of Design and holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from Harvard University and Franklin University in Lugano, Switzerland. She has also worked at the Peabody Essex Museum.

   She has also attended more than 40 seminars/ classes and series on a variety of decorative and fine arts.  She attends auctions regularly and has assisted clients who wish to place their items at the appropriate venue. If she does not have the appropriate experience she will refer you, at no cost  to another professional who can assist you. 

Ask appraisers for qualifications beyond USPAP. Appraisers who list USPAP as the mainstay of their qualifications, should be a red flag. Another red flag should be appraisers who are also an art dealers/auctioneers. One cannot offer a fair value on an item which they plan to buy. Jill uses USPAP as a guideline for her reports. In more than 15 years, She has never purchased an item from a client. She believes that an unbiased approach provides the best appraisal experience to the client. 

Research is very important. Ask your appraiser what languages they speak. Also ask your appraiser about specialty courses they have taken. This shows a commitment to further education. ​Jill speaks French and Italian and has a working knowledge of other languages.

Insurance Appraisals

   It is imperative to have a qualified written insurance appraisal to protect you in case of loss or damage. The appraisal records the existence, condition and value of your items. And, it can help you settle a claim easily. 

   Despite having household insurance, you do not ​automatically have coverage for specialized or high value items. Receipts, while helpful are not enough. Don't realize after a loss than you are not covered. Get a qualified insurance appraisal today. 

After a Loss Understand Your Claim

   ARTSmart helps clients understand all of the pieces which are part of the insurance claim. Call us today!

   Our customized insurance appraised completed by a qualified and unbiased appraiser often result in faster settlement for the client at a higher value based on measurable factors. 


Artsmart appraisals are fully qualified and meet USPAP & ASA standards. Our clients include individuals, insurance companies, banks, museums, and others.

ARTSmart New England

ARTSmart New England

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Keep Insurance Appraisals Up to Date

   It is important to have a current appraisal written by a qualified, competent and experienced appraiser who is properly trained.  Insurance companies and others will not recognize outdated, incomplete  and inaccurate valuations. Receipts alone are not acceptable.  

   Never make the assumption that your household insurance automatically covers fine art, antiques or decorative items. It rarely does. You must have a valid appraisal and you must submit it to your insurance company before you are covered.