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Looking for an appraisal for a single item? Please contact us and we can give you further information based on your needs. 

​​Our principal, Jill Harrison is a qualified appraiser and graduate of the appraisal studies program at RISD.  She is well known for her knowledge, integrity and business acumen.    

After  fifteen years and the production of 3,000+ reports, Artsmart still likes to offer the best in customer satisfaction. Our A+Better Business rating  and attention to detail are hallmarks of how we care for our clients. 

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Artsmart appraisals are fully qualified and meet industry and IRS standards.

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Qualified Appraisals of Fine Art, Antiques & Household Goods
Serving clients across New England. Specializing in Metro-West, Metro Boston, North Shore, NH, ME and the Cape

We offer these Qualified Appraisal Services 

  • Insurance for new policies, updates, or damage/loss 

  • Estates, for Equitable Division, Distribution, IRS, etc. 

  • Donations for IRS/ charitable purposes

  • Resale Opinions of Value, Consultations, Pre-Sales. 


ARTSmart New England

Why do people save things?  Family stories, perceived value, beauty, and nostalgia are just some of the reasons. Objects often tell us stories about who we are and what we value. Check out stories here.