ARTSmart New England

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Our principal, Jill Harrison is a qualified personal property appraiser who specializes in fine art and antiques. She is well known in the Boston area for her knowledge, integrity and business acumen. She is also a frequent speaker in the Boston area.   More Here

Loss Appraisals

We'll help you  get replacement or diminished value.  

Downsizing or Moving

We'll help you decide how to identify, sort and value your items. . 

All Types of Appraisals

We'll  get you the type of appraisal or valuation you need. 

Estate Services

We'll help you plan to divide, settle or liquidate an estate.  

Insurance Appraisals

We'll deliver qualified written Insurance appraisals based on your needs. 

 Appraisals of Fine Art, Antiques, & Household Goods

Need assistance valuing your art, antiques or household contents ? Need help before you downsize? We can help. We offer you a full array of appraisal and other related services such as:

  • Insurance 
  • Estate
  • Downsizing
  • Other


For more than a decade, Artsmart has provided its clients with the highest level of customer service. 

Our Principal has written more than 2,000 qualified appraisal reports for every need. Our BBB rating is A+ and our clients include individuals, insurance companies, adjusters, museums and historical associations.