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​​​Why Insurance Clients Hire ARTSmart ?

For Insured Individuals

Please call us for help settling your insurance claim in a manner that is fair to you. We work with many insurance carriers and are experts in this field. Our work conforms to established practices and USPAP. 

After A Loss- Understand your Claim

Artsmart helps clients understand all of the pieces which are part of the insurance claim. We work with clients to provide the expertise and information the insurance company needs to settle the claim. Our customized unbiased reports by a qualified appraiser usually result in faster settlements for the client and often a higher value based on measurable factors. 

Information about Insurance Appraisals for Art, Antiques & Valuables 

For Adjusters​/Insurance Companies

If you are an adjuster and need to settle a large claim, we can help. We act as experts to value artwork, antiques and valuables and work closely with the adjuster, client and insurance company to answer questions related to the loss.  

Before a Loss-Take Preventative Steps

It's imperative to have a qualified written insurance appraisal to protect you in case of loss or damage. The appraisal records the existence, condition and value of your items. And, it can help you settle a claim easily.

Despite having household insurance, you do not automatically have coverage for specialized or high value items. Receipts while helpful are not enough. Don't realize too late that you are not covered for your art, antiques, jewelry and valuables. Get a qualified appraisal today. 

  • ARTSmart writes qualified USPAP insurance appraisal reports tp protect clients from loss or damage. 
  • Artsmart offers the expertise and experience insurance companies require.  ​​