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Helping Executors

Each estate is unique. Some clients need a complete inventory, others need to document only a handful of items. If you are an executor, please give  us a call at 781.775.8202

We have the Expertise You Need

We can value items quickly, accurately and easily. 

Unbiased. Ethical. Accurate. We work for You.  

We provide you with pertinent information so that you can make decisions in your best interests.

  • ​Is it really in YOUR interest to have an auction house value items if the basis of their business is consigning items? How will you know if they are the best fit for your items?  Why would an auction house give up a profitable commission so you can get the best price? What if an item is truly valuable and you sell it at the wrong auction house?
  • Does it make good sense to sell YOUR painting to a dealer who will resell it at auction or privately? These are just some of the questions our clients should ask.

  • ​Why do some people offer to give me "FREE" advice? How do they get paid? Are they working for me? Ask us. 

We like our Clients. A Lot. 

We are an accredited business and are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. For the last ten years, we've worked with more than 1,000 estates in New England. Let us work with you.


Dealing with an estate liquidation or settling an estate can be difficult. ARTSmart offers a full array of estate services including inventory listings, pre-planning, IRS, donation and estate appraisals. 
Small or large, complex or simple, We can help. 
People work hard during their lifetime to acquire assets. As they age, they may need to downsize, or settle an estate and sell their assets quickly.  Hire someone who works on your behalf and has no conflict of interest. Our single goal, to help you get the best prices for your items. 

It's simple. You hire us to protect YOUR interests.

We work closely with attorneys, executors, siblings, children and others to keep value in the estate. We offer a full array of estate appraisal services. 

Helping Families

Deciding how to downsize and divide an estate is a difficult task. We can help. As we walk through your home,  we'll help you identify, sort and value individual items. Sometimes a report is needed. Often families or individuals just want to get a "sense of what things are worth"