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ARTSmart Principal, Jill Harrison

Jill Harrison is a qualified personal property appraiser who specializes in Fine Art and Antiques. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design with a certificate in Art and Antique Appraisal Studies (ASA based), she is also USPAP certified. She holds degrees from Harvard University and she also graduated from Franklin College ( now University) in Lugano, Switzerland. She has been a docent at the Peabody Essex Museum, and has taught at the Boston Center for Adult Education and elsewhere.   She speaks French and Italian fluently and has some knowledge of Dutch and Spanish. 

In addition to her work, she is a Girl Scout leader and has raised and donated money to various local and regional charities including the Boston Medical Center, Save Venice, Concord Conservatory and other philanthropic groups. 

To Leverage ARTSmart's Benefits

To Tap Our Knowledgebase

  • As a generalist appraiser, Jill Harrison  can appraise most categories of household items. This saves you time and money. 
  • As an art appraiser, Jill has a long history of working with clients to identify and value artwork. She regularly appraises valuable artwork including works by major artists. She can identify difficult signatures, and research in the original language. 
  • As a furniture appraiser, Jill examines pieces for age, construction, and rarity. 
  • Real wisdom is understanding what you know and what you don't know. Jill will always refer clients to other trusted professionals as needed. 
  • Artsmart provides understandable fees, written terms and full confidentiality. 
  • Jill provides ethical and unbiased information so that clients  can understand what is in their interest when selling their art and antiques. 
  • Jill treats you and your items with the respect and courtesy you deserve.